The world day of aviation and cosmonautics

The history of the holiday

There are achievements that humanity can be proud of. The conquest of space, no doubt, belongs to them. 12 April 1961 Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin made the first orbit around the Earth. In 1962, the first anniversary of manned flight into space, was signed a government decree about establishment in the USSR of a new holiday, cosmonautics Day.

Of course, the conquest of space is a celebration of not only national, but international significance. So 7 years later, in 1968, the General conference of the international aeronautical Federation on the initiative of the USSR adopted a decision to establish the world day of aviation and cosmonautics, which is widely celebrated on April 12 in many European countries and the USA.

April 12 – date at all unique to the history of space exploration. On this day, in 1981, made its first manned flight of the American Shuttle “Shuttle”.

World day of cosmonautics in our days

In Russia’s cosmonautics Day celebrated on April 12 in accordance with the decree of 13 March 1995. But on a new international level festival, it was released only in 2011, when the UN General Assembly took the initiative to declare 12 April the International day of human flight into space. Initially supported the resolution, more than 60 countries, but the following year the number of States colorectal to celebrate the Day of cosmonautics, has increased significantly.

Traditions of the world day of aviation and cosmonautics

The world day of aviation and cosmonautics is a very solemn holiday, which was earlier observed only in a formal setting. In 2011, the festival has gained more live lines: in many cities of Europe and the USA on this day are fun parties, so-called “Urevi nights” in which can participate all interested persons. Also for the holiday time exhibits and displays, telling about the achievements of mankind in the field of space exploration.

It should be noted that on April 12 celebrating the Day of cosmonautics in Ukraine, and in Kazakhstan, and in several other post-Soviet countries.

What is possible in this day to wish themselves to the conquerors of space, people who work in scientific and research areas of space, and all of us? This is a significant celebration as soon as possible gained not only worldwide, but also intergalactic!

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