The Future of humanity in space

Inessa Kozlovskaya of “Space flight: living in zero gravity”

“Space flight: living in zero gravity”.

Gravity existing on Earth for millions of years, has contributed to the development of all life on Earth organisms and invade their system of life as a factor contributing to their successful functioning in the gravitational field of the Earth. Opening up opportunities to systematically study the impact of eliminating gravity, spaceflight facilitated the accumulation of information and facts that contributed to the development of the theory on the role and place of gravitational mechanisms in the various body systems and the development of a new physiological science — gravitational physiology.The most gravity-dependent system of the body is the propulsion system, in which gravity has played such an important role that today we have the right to determine its evolution as the evolution of the struggle of living organisms with gravity wrestling success ended in mammals the development of a strong skeleton, strong muscular system, management systems movements, and information systems able to ensure the perfection of movement in complex conditions of the gravitational field and its izmeneny. These mechanisms in the motor system and are today the subject of our consideration.

About the lecturer:

Inessa Kozlovskaya Venediktovna — “the Queen of neuroscience”, a leading specialist Institutions of RAS SSC RF Institute of biomedical problems of RAS in the field of sensorimotor physiology, the Creator of the school of gravitational physiology of movements, doctor of medical Sciences, Professor, corresponding member of RAS, honored scientist of Russia, laureate of the State prize of the Russian Federation and the RF Government prize.

Ticket price: 300 rubles.

The pupils of 8-11 classes — 50% discount.

Cultural-educational center “Arche”, the Programmes “MARS-tefo” and the Russian interplanetary society launches the lecture series “the Future of humanity in space”.

The cycle of man and nature, science, technology and engineering, space fantasies, dreams and reality. Together with scientists, space industry professionals and popularizers of Astronautics will find out:

As space exploration: what have already done and what else can you do? Planetology is the only person the alien in the Solar System and why? Found on planets, satellites, asteroids of the Solar System — attractive and terrifying? Why people stopped flying to the moon and go to Mars — fly do — how and when? As I wanted to explore and colonize the Solar system, why not have and will?

If space is difficult and expensive, who and why invested into it? Scientific-technical progress is advanced design, possible use in the aerospace industry, nano—, bio-, energy-, info-, Robo -, etc. — how they bring the space age? Space projects are a waste of resources or investments in the future? Who and how creates the space industry.

Unmanned means of exploration of the Solar System and the depths of the Universe. Geological exploration, extraction of raw materials, that is, how to seek and obtain? Man in space — space station and manned spacecraft, life support systems, planetary base. How to build a starship? Learning how to live in space? Terraforming — what is possible?

Lectures are delivered by experts in the aerospace industry, representatives of academic institutes — Institute of biomedical problems, IKI, Vernadsky, teachers of leading aerospace universities, representatives of the cluster of space technologies and telecommunications of SKOLKOVO, enthusiasts and popularizers of Astronautics.

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The Future of humanity in space
Inessa Kozlovskaya of "Space flight: living in zero gravity" "Space flight: living in zero gravity". Gravity existing on Earth for millions of years, has contributed to the development of all…

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