The first space tourist

The first space tourist, American millionaire Dennis Tito

In the 20th century in space flew only professional cosmonauts and astronauts – it was their main job. However, sometimes there were also business trips into orbit. For example, in 1990 the Japanese broadcaster sent to the Mir station its journalist and previously in space flew on the Shuttle the employee “McDonnell Douglas”. In the new Millennium, to go beyond the atmosphere is possible and on their own, that is a tourist.

28 April 2001 the launch of the Russian spaceship “Union TM-32” with the cosmonauts T. Musabaev and Yuri Baturina and the first space tourist, American millionaire Dennis Tito on Board. April 30 was carried out docking with the International space station (ISS).

The crew of the “Union” held on the ISS for 6 days, during which the astronauts conducted scientific experiments, and tourist Tito was engaged in Photo and video shooting, kept a diary and picked up groceries for Breakfast, lunch and dinner for everybody on the ISS. On may 6 Russian cosmonauts Dennis returned to Earth.

Immediately after landing, the first space tourist said he was in heaven, and that is going to publish a book about his time in space. For flight in earth, orbiculate paid the Federal space Agency of Russia of 20 million US dollars.

That’s when the world media, and the term “space tourism”, which was started by the flight. However, Tito himself (and his followers) he calls himself not a tourist and spaceflight participant. This term is used in official circles.

Space tourism is space travel or orbit financed from private funds for entertainment or research purposes. According to public opinion polls, many people in the world have a great desire to fly into space. According to experts, this desire in the medium term become an important source of funding for the further development of cosmonautics.

Currently only used for the purpose of space tourism is the international space station. The flights are operated using Russian Soyuz spacecraft. The space tourists conducted training in Star city near Moscow, as well as in small aircraft that simulates weightlessness.

The last space tourist flight took place in 2009, and just having visited the ISS for seven tourists. One of them is the woman – Anusha Ansari and Charles Simonyi flew in space twice (April 2013).

Today is space tourism, despite the cost of tickets in 30-40 million dollars, is becoming a serious business, because the number of people wishing to see the space and are willing to pay for disabled on the Ground the feeling is constantly growing. It is also important to note that it was Russia that opened the era of space tourism in the first year of the 21st century, exactly 40 years after Yuri Gagarin’s flight.

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