The cost of a flight into space

In technological terms, the human life is becoming more interesting: XXI century people can tolerate a lot of people couldn’t even conceive of at least two centuries ago. Fifty years have passed since the moment when man first flew into space – and now there is such a thing as space tourism. See with your own eyes on top of our planet is no longer something magical and unrealistic – the question is, what is the cost of space flight.

The man tightly on the Ground

Man and humanity as a community of individuals peculiar passion for travel, for change of place of residence. There are different opinions as to what are the roots of this passion. Romantics say about innate human curiosity, a constant desire to learn something new, to look beyond the horizon.

Rationalists believe that the desire for constant movement is an echo of the primitive instinct of survival. Primitive man, being the least protected in terms of wildlife and lack of civilization, was required to constantly move to avoid danger and to find new sources of food. Hundreds of generations later the need in the daily struggle for existence have disappeared, but the psychological mechanism of “nomad” remained, transforming into a craving for travel and discovery.

In any case, the human desire to break new ground in the twentieth century was jeopardized due to the appearance of new types of transport and development of transport systems at the Earth’s surface is almost gone unexplored corners. To this day there are still places on this planet where humans are very rare visitors, but are places with extreme conditions where a person will not discover anything interesting. Naturally, that passion for travel pushes people outside of the known world, into space.

And after space flight may become dangerous, but the waste in terms of technical procedure, the idea of space tourism.

For the first time speak about it in a few years after Gagarin’s flight – but in 1960-ies it was a premature idea.

In 1986 was to be held the first tourist space flight: American teacher Christie McAuliffe was selected to participate in the crew of space Shuttle “Challenger”. But as you know, the launch of the space Shuttle ended in tragedy, the entire crew perished after the U.S. established a ban on space flights of astronauts unprofessional. In 1990 and 1991 were committed by the commercial space flight Soviet cosmonaut Japanese ships and British kosmonavtiki.

However, this cannot be considered a real space tourism: Yes, for those flights to the Soviet Union were the money paid, but participated in a full-fledged astronauts, besides they are not paying out of pocket, and state. The practical embodiment of the idea of commercial space flight for non-professional astronauts returned to Russia at the beginning of the new century.

Pay and fly into space

Dennis Tito

Since launching space tourists into space carries so far, only Russia. Complete the first space tourist was American multi-millionaire Dennis Tito, who started in the crew of the ship “Union TM-32” to the International space station the international space station: a short-lived unfinished on April 28, 2001 and returned to Earth on 6 may of the same year. The cost of the flight for tourists amounted to $ 20 million. Since 2009, there were implemented 7 more tourist flights, and one person became a space tourist twice. In 2002, the second space tourist was a South African mark Shuttleworth (the question price – 20 million dollars). In 2005 the ranks of “tourists” joined the American Gregory Olsen – have paid the same $ 20 million.

In 2006, the ISS went American of Iranian descent the Anusha Ansari, for $ 20 million became the first female space tourist. In 2007, soared above the Earth, the American Charles Simonyi, who had left for the sake of it with 35 million dollars. In 2008 for your flight a little less 30 million, was paid by American Richard Garriott (whose father in his time as a human astronaut was in space). Charles Simonyi-was so in space, in 2009 he decided to go flying a second time, not regretting it for even $ 35 million. The latest space tourist is a canadian businessman, founder and head of the canadian show-Cirque du Soleil, guy Laliberte, who flew to the ISS in 2009 for $ 35 million.

The cost of space flight: space tourism of the future

Many people wonder, how profitable space tourism from the perspective of a seller service, i.e. how big a profit from tourists for the Russian aerospace industry. Of course, the real cost of preparing for a mission, sent into space and subsequent rehabilitation of one person not advertised.

However, there is information that when you start on the Russian ships of astronauts from those countries who have no opportunities to send them on their ships, Russia transferred about 12 million dollars per astronaut. Such flights are made within the framework of scientific and technical cooperation, so that the Russian space program they do not earn, but simply being compensated. If this amount adequately reflects the cost of flight should be recognized that the Roscosmos very well earned on the existing space tourists.

Also, if the figure of $ 12 million reflects the real cost of launching a single astronaut, it is understandable why private companies developing the concept of mass space tourism, rely on suborbital flights.

However, this is not the only direction of development of space tourism. It is reported that in the depths of the Russian space industry, a project of the Commercial space station, designed specifically for tourist flights. This station can take tourists for five days, and the cost of the flight will be reduced to about 700 thousand dollars. And first space tourist Dennis Tito said that drafting a commercial space cruise to Mars and back. This “trip” planned for 2018, should take about 500 days, intended for a wealthy enthusiast, as the price of ticket is not less than 30 million dollars.

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