Russian tested a new type of communication

The organizers of the flight of the Russian truck “Progress MS” for the first time ran it with the help of satellite repeater

Several new Russian technology has been rolled out to the launch of a new Russian cargo ship “Progress MS” to the International space station. Apart from the fact that the ship itself and many of its systems have been tested in space flight for the first time, in a new way and passed the session with Earth. This was done through the satellite-retransmitter.

A historic event occurred on Monday, December 21. Launch vehicle (LV) “Soyuz-2.1 a” with the “MS Progress” was launched from pad № 31 Baikonur cosmodrome on 21 December at 11.44 MSK with 2.5 tons of various cargoes for the ISS.

– We used the satellite during the first cycle of flight, – says Deputy head of the scientific and technical centre of space-Rocket Corporation “Energy” Igor BRODSKY . Approximately 10 minutes after separation from the third stage of the rocket the ship made a turn to build orientation on the spacecraft “Luch-5B”, located on the geostationary orbit. Prior to this flight, the communication with the ships was carried out using only ground points, located on the territory of Russia “.

According to Brodsky, the link with the ship via satellite became possible with the introduction into service of radio equipment komplektuemoi side. The availability of the satellite control circuit and control significantly expands the coverage area for the and allows you to communicate with the ship “Progress” over 83% of the daily flight, subject to the use of the three transponders.

Despite the connection to the process space constellation, the ground system was still used for sending commands aboard the truck and receive telemetry data. However, in-Board computer system of the ship has already laid down the programme in the absence of connection with the Land automatically issue commands to lift the orbit to provide Autonomous flight within 12 days.

As commented by specialists from the space industry, the problem of radio visibility of the Russian spacecraft is still one of weak places of Russian cosmonautics, who lost in the years of perestroika, its own specialised fleet of space — ships-NPCs (Scientific measurement) that “led” the spaceships throughout their flight. As a result, when a space object is out of the reach of ground-based control and management, the ability to communicate with him at the time. It is possible that in the future when the required number of satellites relays the need for the recreation of the space marine fleet will disappear altogether.

Help “MK”. Satellite system relaying “Ray” consists of three spacecraft (“Luch-5A” and “Luch-5B” and “Luch-5V”), located in geostationary orbit and three ground-based relay: the Queen, Zheleznogorsk and Uglegorsk.

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