Parade of planets

Star line-up. As you know, these days several planets in the solar system lined up in one line. This so-called parade of planets. In Irkutsk cosmic phenomenon, of course, interested professionals and Amateurs to observe the Universe.

Fans of star observations go in pursuit of planets in the early morning. Every minute counts. Dawn is inexorably approaching. Even a small glow can ruin the expedition. In the suburbs of Irkutsk the best place for astronomical observations — the village of Maksimovschina. There is a good elevation away from the city. At five o’clock in the sky appears the first star of the big parade of planets. Despite the early hour and freezing temperatures, people came here by families with young children.

— Parade of planets happens once in a lifetime. At least see the time. Star-gazing, says participant observations Dmitry Bakers.

Organizes the monitoring of the Irkutsk planetarium. Brought two powerful telescope. With their help, you can enjoy a stunning view of space in all its glory. Thanks frosty air clearer picture. Through the lens of the telescope of a distant planet are at a glance. Students such vivid astronomy lessons left a lot of emotions:

Is the largest planet. She liked most of all. In the telescope you can see Jupiter himself, his ring.

Scientists explain: the stars line up is not uncommon. Great parade of planets will not have a negative impact on the inhabitants of the Earth. All the myths and fears that since ancient times man has associated with this cosmic phenomenon is groundless.

— Unfortunately, very often this phenomenon is ascribed to some supernatural features. Although it is absolutely ordinary, you might say, the phenomenon, — says the lecturer of the Irkutsk planetarium Eugene Skarednov.

In addition to the parade of planets in the night sky there are plenty of objects that are worthy of attention. And which are of no less interest. Now are the last days to admire the comet Catalina. The next time she appears close to Earth only 2 million years.

Is a celestial body in the solar system, which no one has ever seen and will never see. Because it has a great, long period of rotation , — said the head of the Observatory of the planetarium Pavel Nikiforov.

Monitor the Catalina will start with tonight at the Shelekhovsky district.

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