Opened biggest star

Its diameter exceeds the corresponding figure of our star 1.3 thousand times the brightness 1 million times

Astronomers from France in the constellation of Centaurus saw one of the largest stars in the Universe belonging to the class of yellow hypergiants. At this point the star is called HR 5171A, it is removed from the Earth is 12 thousand light years.

Star HR 5171A in presenting scientific artist / ESA

Instruments of the VLT telescope helped astronomers to estimate the size and other parameters of the giant star HR 5171 A in the constellation of Centaurus, whose brightness is about a million times higher than that of our Sun, and find her “secretive” companion, said in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

“Observations of HR 5171 A has shown that this world is a neighbor, orbiting around it in close orbit, which is extremely surprised us. These stars are located to each other so close that they touch each other, and the whole system resembles a gigantic peanut walnut. This star-companion is interesting for us from the point of view that it could potentially “strip” the outer shell of a giant and thereby change the course of its evolution,” said Olivier Honestly from the Observatory of the côte d’azur (France).

Chesnokov and his colleagues observed the night sky using the telescope VLT and the connected interferometer VLTi. In the constellation of Centaurus, they found an amazing star, which belongs to the class of some of the rarest stars of a Galaxy to the category of yellow hypergiants, whose total number in the milky way is about a dozen.

According to scientists, HR 5171 A is in the top 10 of the biggest stars of a galaxy and is the largest yellow hypergiant — its diameter exceeds the diameter of the Sun 1300 times the brightness a million times. This star is located at a relatively great distance from the Earth is 12 thousand light years, but its ultra-high brightness, you can see it in the night sky even to the naked eye.

Further observation of that luminary presented the group Honestly another surprise — periodic oscillations in the brightness of HR 5171 A “betrayed” her small companion who is also a yellow star and completes one revolution around the giant for 1300 days. Given the small distance between the satellite and HR 5171 A, the companion can significantly change the evolution of a giant in the future, what will be interesting to watch, experts say.

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