Ninth planet in the Solar system

Scientists: the ninth planet in the Solar system — 500-ton piece of ice

The ninth planet has a mass of 10 Earth masses and is moving strongly forward on a bizarre elliptical orbit around a hot star. …The discoverers of the planet are unable to observe firsthand the ninth element of the Solar system, but scientists using mathematical and computer simulation calculated the trajectory of the most distant planet.

Scientists have shown video of the new ninth planet of our galaxy

Yet due to the insufficient capabilities of optics, it is impossible to see this mysterious object. Astronomers still argue that the chaotic motion of some space objects in the Kuiper belt indicates the presence of “the ninth planet”.

New planet: scientists have uncovered details

“Ninth planet” — so scientists call this mysterious object, which has so far failed to see due to lack of opportunities of modern optics, according to “BBC Ukraine”. Scientists argue that its presence indicates the motion of objects in the Kuiper belt — a remote area near Neptune, where many fragments of cosmic bodies.

The ninth planet with a Russian accent

Math 29-year-old astrophysicist Konstantin batygina became the basis of the scientific sensation of the century.Scientists at the California Institute of technology in Pasadenacity the location of a ninth planet. …Mike brown and Konstantin Batygin has completed the picture of the world, calculating ninth planet by mathematical analysis of gravitational effects, which are objects of the Kuiper belt (a disk-shaped region beyond the orbit of Neptune — billions of kilometers from our Sun).

The secret of the ninth planet

This assumption is expressed by astronomers Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin of Caltech. …Hypothesis of the existence of another planet in the Solar system have repeatedly expressed and astronomers, and science fiction, but never has the argument wasn’t convincing.

The secret of the ninth planet: how she was able to slip away from the Sun?

World recently news spread of the discovery by astronomers of an additional planet in the Solar system – it was either ninth or tenth depending on the classification of planets by size. …Batygin sure that only the presence of a ninth planet to explain all the observed gravitational anomalies and other strange trajectories of the celestial bodies in the Solar system, and make it logical and coherent.

Brown and Batygin told about the discovery of the ninth planet of the Solar system

Scientists shared their impressions 21 January 2016, two scientists from the California Institute of technology, Professor Mike brown and Professor Konstantin Batygin has officially announced that they have found a ninth planet in our Solar system. According to their mathematical models, it is a gas giant like Uranus or Neptune, the mass of the discovered planet 10 times the mass of Earth, it rotates in an orbit 20 times larger than the earth and it requires from 10,000 to 20,000 years to make one complete revolution around the Sun.

As the astronomers will look for the “ninth planet”?

At the moment the testimonies of newly arrived ninth planet in the Solar system are indirect, but direct evidence should appear relatively soon, in the form of telescope observations, the authors say “findings”. — Wednesday, 20 January, scientists announced that the planet 10 times the mass of Earth could be hiding on the far side of the outer Solar system rotates 600 times farther from the Sun than our planet.

A new planet in the Solar system: interesting facts and opinions of scientists

U.S. astronomers said that in the Solar system there is a new ninth planet. …It was discovered in 1930 by accident, it was found by astronomers looking for a ninth planet to explain the orbital anomalies of Neptune and Uranus.

Ninth planet X. Reality or a hunch?

According to calculations of scientists, in the so-called Kuiper belt must be another, the ninth planet of the Solar system, tentatively called Planet X. Talking about the full opening too early, for it, using scientific terminology, made “on the tip of the pen”, that is, the method of complex mathematical calculations. Planet X haven’t recorded any telescope, however, something about her is already known.


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