Mission to Mars

A person is attracted to space. He wants to figure out where it came from, if not from monkeys, and is there intelligent life on other worlds. And don’t always need to look prohibitively far away, if you planet “on all occasions”. Mars became the object of attention long before the exploration of space, and it is popular with filmmakers who want to make fiction.

But it was a fantastic part of the question this film will have problems. The Director was not able to find and catch the right rhythm and the right mood. The trouble is in the details. It begins with the earthly scenes where the astronauts rolled up a party on the occasion of the mission. Then the viewer is immediately thrown on the surface of Mars, where already carried out some work. Even really clear what they’re looking for. In movies about space and traveling through it is always interesting to watch the preparation. As the astronauts enter the ship, as the ship takes off, passes the atmosphere, overcomes a great distance, and were approaching their destination. Well and then — as scientists begin their work, take their first steps in uncharted territory, etc.

But “Mission to Mars” immediately puts in the forefront the human issues — the relationship between the main characters. Nobody says it’s wrong, but when the everyday side of the issue outweighs and outshines fantastic component in that film, katalysatoren is a fiction is already a fatal error. The writers seemed unable to sense and feel the mystery of the cosmos and the seriousness of science, and therefore the viewer does not feel it. Instead of feelings of contact with the unknown — everyday family mood. Even a little bit, and Comedy can get.

In the first mission something went wrong and now they needed help. The astronauts-lifeguards look incompetent. Looking at their behavior I can’t believe these people long been taught to work in extreme conditions and “match” right to respond to any emergency situation. The attention to detail of the movie will not appear — not worth waiting. The launch vehicle remained behind the scenes. Landing on the planet again showed, even the approach outlined without any colors.

Farewell to a desirable fantasy, you can forget about science. If we assume that undeservedly failed at the box office “the Red planet” contained a number of inaccuracies and exaggerations, than here with this picture, she is solid scientific truth! It’s only in real life, the hole in the hull of a spacecraft means a rapid depressurization and the impact of cold that immediately destroy these people inside. And here the vacuum doesn’t suck the items out, the atmosphere becomes bad. Well, they forgot to wear helmets before going into space. Actually, that “problems” and “obstacles”, the film perfectly pulls of the time, and the main event, which started the whole mission is revealed only near the end.

Only here, in short “the third act”, the picture justifies the fact of its existence. It finally comes to extraterrestrial intelligence, about the past of Mars, the processes that change it. And felt that all other events are far-fetched, ill-founded, and needed only to fill in the holes. But beautiful revelation does not help, because the film was able to him down. He was struggling with something to do, if only to delay the only significant episode.

“Mission to Mars” — science fiction, science friends even less than with fiction, and therefore tries to bribe “drama”. To get astronauts to empathize and think along with them. But the film has no atmosphere, it is not planned and not thought out, and does not know how to dispose of themselves to truly be interested in. And if to consider that this film competed with the “red planet” in 2000, he lost.

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