Martian Chronicles

“It is good to wonder, said the philosopher. Space travel has again made children of us all”.

To be very brief and concise, that I sometimes even work, then advise, as it is a brilliant creation that deserves repeated reading.

To be a little chatty, and allow yourself to speculate about the book, we can’t help but notice, what I like about it, absolutely everything – from the atmosphere of the text, the storyline in General and how it builds up the narrative of the book. Yes. This is not a novel, or solid piece. The story is built through short stories related to each other not how much the main characters, and how the very idea that revolves around the red planet, Mars.

But she’s great as written. As these stories fascinate the imagination. How bright the picture turns out before my eyes. if you’re in the rocket, which is sent to a dark and unknown planet Mars.

I don’t want to be objective, but from me not require, right? After all, I write a review. And feedback means transfer THEIR feelings and experiences. So I couldn’t understand people who wrote negative reviews about a boring story. I can’t understand my friends who believe this book is one of the weakest ideas of the author.

On the contrary I see it as the profound meaning, handed down to us by the author. Do not look for it in physics, astronomy, or attempt to understand how people dieta Mars, why is everyone so shown. Mars, the planet scene. Just what we convey the main idea. In the book there is a story about how after the death of the Martians on the planet arrived. And one member of the group suddenly realizes the futility of their journey. Countenance their appearance and celebration. As they are, future colonists will spoil another planet, to give Their names to rivers and mountains, which are century-old names. How they will destroy CH in W er culture for the sake of their benefits.

— I believe in the things that were done, and there are evidences of many things done on Mars. There are streets, and houses, and books must have, and wide channels, the clock tower, the stables — well, if not for horses, but for some Pets, say, even twelve feet, how do we know? Wherever I look I see everywhere things and structures that were used. Touched them, used them for centuries. Ask me if I believe in soul things, invested in them by those who used them, and I’ll say Yes. And they are here around us, — things which had the appointment. All the mountains which had names. Using these things, we are always, inevitably going to feel uncomfortable. And the names of the mountains will sound to us like something is wrong — we’ll christen them, and the old-the names have not gone away, there are somewhere in time, for someone local mountains, the notions about them were associated with those names. The names we’ll give to the canals, the towns, the vertices will fall like so much water off a duck. We can no matter how we touch Mars, communication will never be. In the end it will drive us mad and, you know, what do we do with Mars? We gut it, take off his hide and perekroit it to your liking.

That for me, it is a strong story. How can you go by when the all blacks decided to sit on the rocket in order to travel. How strong and brave idea and challenge racism.

The Martians, who don’t want to see people. Expedition, which is crazy, as they accept it is for unbalanced people. How subtle and true to the indifference of people in General to what is happening around them. After all, there are more important things than a world – work, career, career again. And because the obvious facts that suggests that you are really beings from another planet are not able to convince the numbed mind of their greed in the world.

“My insanity.” the Captain was pale.

— Yes, Yes, magnificent madness! Metal, rubber, gravitor, food, clothing, fuel, weapons, ladders, nuts, bolts, spoons — I checked a lot of items. In my life seen such a complicated picture. Even shadows under the bunks and under the entire! This concentration of will! And everything, no matter how much I checked, you can touch, smell, hear, taste! Allow me to give you a hug!

Finally he broke away from the Captain.

No, no, and again! This is a brilliant book! And no I will not be able to convince this. I don’t want to write anything bad about those who thought it was boring and tedious, devoid of its charm. I believe wholeheartedly that each person has his OWN library and HIS books. And in my case, I met one of them.

Am I telling you this piece to read? Of course I’ll give a Thousand times Yes! The book is a mosaic that you all love this author. I also recommend this book to all fans of intricate twists in books using a variety of techniques. Frankly, I first encountered this style of narrative here – from the stories to build the whole story. It should be able to.

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