Long space flights

Russian scientists in collaboration with foreign partners have classified the threats to the health of astronauts during long expeditions, including during the flight to Mars, said “Interfax-AVN” on Monday, the Deputy Director of the Institute of biomedical problems Russian Academy of Sciences Valery Bogomolov.

“Three years ago, with our international partners, we determined the risk matrix and the degree of our knowledge about these risks, the degree of protection. This list is big enough, it about 15 positions,” said Vladimir Bogomolov, commenting on sending to the ISS first annual expedition consisting of Russian Mikhail Kornienko and American astronaut Scott Kelly.

The annual flight of the astronauts arranged, in particular, in order to prepare future long interplanetary flights.

According to the scientist, it is not only about physiological parameters, for example, about the influence of space flight on the cardiovascular system, the motor area or sensory abilities.

“Takes into account such factors as the adequacy of medical supplies on Board the spacecraft for the relief of disease,” – said V. Bogomolov.

He recalled that the flight, e.g. to Mars and back will take more than 500 days. This raises in particular the question of food. “What kind of food to take astronauts? The one that does not deteriorate or something else?”,- said scientist.

In his opinion, more important than the risks associated with the research status of astronauts. This is, for example, work with a delicate instrument with the eye test or internal pressure.

“A negative pressure in the lower half of the body (which is a consequence of weightlessness, – “if-AVN”) can lead to serious heart disorders. And that we need to monitor. The study is long – about an hour,” – said the scientist.

Thus, according to him, required professional skills of working with diagnostic equipment.

V. Bogomolov noted that special attention is required for monitoring the status of the view. “Because part of cosmonauts and astronauts, who have been on long expeditions, lost visual acuity due to the deformation of the optic nerve,” said the scientist.

In addition, according to him, possible problems in the organs of hearing due to acoustic influences.

Earlier it was reported that on 27 March from the Baikonur cosmodrome launched spacecraft “Soyuz TMA-16M” with the Russian-American crew – cosmonauts Gennady Padalka and M. Korniyenko, and U.S. astronaut S. Kelly. At this M. S. Kornienko and Kelly will leave for the station annual mission.

The astronauts have not worked in orbit for more than a year. The last such flights were carried out during the Russian orbital complex “the World”, that is, almost twenty years ago.

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