Comet will reveal the secrets of the universe

NASA experts will soon do something that previously could only dream of and fantastic to shoot movies – get inside the comet. If all goes according to plan, tomorrow from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral launched the Deep Impact spacecraft, which will install a copper tube in the path of the comet Tempel 1. It is expected that celestial body will meet 372 kg heavy probe in a milestone for all Americans day – 4 July. After collision at a speed of 37 thousand km/h on the surface of the comet forms a crater the size of a ten-storey house.

The probe (it is a probe, not just RAM) immediately after the collision and the subsequent explosion will take samples of rocks that make up the nucleus of Tempel 1, and cameras mounted on the spacecraft, will take off the “dock” from beginning to end. All the information you plan to transmit it immediately to Deep Impact, located at a safe distance. “We will take the most powerful camera,” said astronomer Michael A’hearn, principal investigator of the project from the University of Michigan. For the clash will be the NASA orbital telescopes. In addition, the orbital meeting, which, according to forecasts, will remind fabulous fireworks will be visible using conventional ground-based telescopes.

Scientists expect that the blast will help figure out what targetvista, which comprises the nucleus of the comet. In addition, samples will shed light on the chemical composition of the heavenly wanderer, and perhaps will help to answer the question of why the heavenly bodies lose their gorgeous tails. At special luck experts hope to look 4 billion years ago and to get an idea about the chemical substances from which formed the Earth and other planets of the Solar system.

The implementation of these plans NASA has allocated $267 million. Scientists treat so cavalierly comet: previously studied Halley’s comet, and Borrelli, Wild 2, but then information had been gathered on the surface of celestial bodies. Inside, experts will look for the first time. They hope that a collision will not change the course of Tempel 1 and will not force her to shatter into pieces, because otherwise humanity could cause serious trouble. We should remember the movie Deep Impact with the future Elijah “Frodo” wood in the title role. In the Russian hire the tape for some reason was called “deep impact”. It in all its glory sign scenarios in the case that the Earth will hit a comet of considerable dimensions.

Let’s hope that the expedition will not be the cause of the cataclysm of global scale and generally runs smoothly. By the way, the Deep Impact launch was postponed once already due to a malfunction of the carrier rocket. If Wednesday happens unforeseen, the participants of the project will remain less than two weeks to resolve the problem – the ship needs to run until 28 January, otherwise he will not have time to install the probe and the comet will fly past.

We will remind that on March 2 last year was launched one more device, which will explore a comet. The spacecraft Rosetta, European space owned by the Association, must reach the comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko in may 2014. Then he with a special probe will be able to collect information about the surface of the celestial body.

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